I'm a super smiley, passionate and spontaneous photographer disguised as a middle-aged, caffeine-addicted, slightly daggy but grateful wife and mother of four.  These days, photography keeps me sane by feeding my creative urges.  It keeps me on my feet, outside in the fresh air where I belong.  It forces me to be playful and to appreciate peoples' differences.  It helps me to remember awesome and everyday moments, to find beauty in everything and to appreciate today. 

I simply take photos to create memories - the good, funny, bad and the beautiful!  The more memories the better.  If you have a special event coming up or would like some informal, relaxed and playful photos of your family, then I'm your girl.      

  • 15 years' experience in wedding and family photography (Sydney and Brisbane)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photomedia) - UNSW

CONTACT ME:  mstewa36@hotmail.com  or phone 0402 030 676